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Travel Risks & Compression

Long flights or extended periods of sitting during a trip can pose several circulatory and lymph system risks. However, wearing compression garments can alleviate these issues. Here is a list of circulatory and lymphatic risks...

Why Wearing Compression Socks Is A Game Changer For Marathon Runners

The benefits of wearing compression socks are numerous and advantageous for marathon runners. They provide immediate support during the race and have long-term benefits that facilitate a more efficient training and recovery process. Investing in a good pair of compression socks is an excellent idea for anyone looking to improve their running performance.

The Top-Notch Benefits of CEP Compression Socks - Exploring the True Luxury Experience

Compression socks are no longer just for athletes or those with medical conditions. CEP compression socks, in particular, offer a high-quality luxury experience that promises a range of benefits that enhance one’s lifestyle. They are...

Choosing the Right Compression Socks

Choosing the right compression socks is crucial for maximizing performance and recovery benefits. Consult with your physician to determine the right compression level and purpose, and consider the size, fit, and material to ensure comfort during prolonged use.

Compression Myths Debunked

Compression: The ever elusive, mysterious, complicated beast. Well, that's not really the truth. Compression can be confusing, with the numerous companies and myths out there mudding up the facts. Don't worry, CEP is here to...